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Cynthia Biret is a professional filmmaker, editor, producer, videographer and journalist with over 20 years of experience in the film and television industry.

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A Lion In The City" challenges us to restore the natural food chain of wildlife.  As a producer, writer and director, she brings together an international team of scientists and filmmakers to create a bridge beyond cultural and political borders and help re-establish an environmental balance by restoring the food chain in wildlife. 

 In 2014, while mentoring Teen Challenge Winner C. Nguyen for Tedx Orange Coast, (created in the spirit of Ted Talks) she succeeded in gaining access to human trafficking survivors, and interviewed Rachel ThomasMost Phenomenal Woman Of The Year for a documentary she produced, filmed and directed.  The film was the first documentary to screen during a TEDx conference.

She produced and edited the documentary "On Our Land" about a First Nations indigenous tribe and their struggle to overcome the impact of boarding schools, preserve their traditions and protect the environment.  

She hitched a ride on a freighter on her way to Australia, and travelled to the Amazon to witness the impact of deforestation, in search of Chief Raoni.

As a preditor (producer/writer/editor), she built story and characters arcs from hundreds of hours of footage for numerous reality television series for network and cable television such as NBC, ABC, Discovery, A&E, WE, Bravo, Fox, Lifetime, The Sundance Channel, MTV and VH1, including the reality show "Bands On The Run" which received an Emmy nomination, and worked with many TV hosts, including Tracy Gallagher, Peter Greenberg, Michelle Garforth, and producer John Feist.  She learned invaluable skills in stylistic storytelling and creative marketing strategies with the innovative teams at Chiat/Day, and with Red Car's director/editor Lawrence Bridges, and crafted successful storytelling campaigns to help sell independent films.

She produced, filmed, directed and edited presentations/sizzles for non profits such as Enrich L.A., and produced/directed a film with two inspirational educators who touched the lives of countless students:  Principal Nancy Cohen from Frances Blend School For The Blind and UCLA science project teacher Tammy Bird.  

Her training in dance proved invaluable when working closely with choreographers and dancers to create music videos and sizzles, and for editing the New York City episode of "Red Bull BC One".  She wrote creative episodes for the world of costume design, directed short narratives, and filmed a Behind-The-Scenes to promote performer Meow Meow.  She grew up in a family of artists, and learned visual composition through her paintings.  She also has a keen interest in the scientific world, and started recording the relationship between Alzheimer and art for an upcoming film.

With a passion for storytelling, Biret has experience accessing hard to get stories, as well as covering celebrity interviews. For the television series "Chroniques de Californie" she teamed up with multi-award winning journalist François Mazure, and coached host and supermodel Dayle Haddon. She worked with TF1 Grand Reporter Isabelle Marque at the time of the Los Angeles riots, and met with Pulitzer prize winning photographer Nick Ut, as well as numerous filmmakers for a series on visual arts.    

Please follow the links from the names in bold for videos or additional information.  Filmmaker and preditor reel is available in the portfolio section.  Thank you.